Variegated USA x Germany Cordyceps militaris BX1 TT2#7W x GH#5
Variegated USA x Germany Cordyceps militaris BX1 TT2#7W x GH#5
Variegated USA x Germany Cordyceps militaris BX1 TT2#7W x GH#5

Variegated USA x Germany Cordyceps militaris BX1 TT2#7W x GH#5

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Variegated USA x Germany backcross  generation 1: developed from an ascospore isolate from a Wild F1 pairing from Ohio outcrossed to a wild German ascospore isolate. The outcross utilized for this backcross contains wild albino genetics from Michigan as well as wild isolates from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio. This is the most productive and visually stunning variegated strain in my collection and will be the basis for my future variegated strain development work. 

This strain will begin shipping out Monday Feb 7th 2022! 


Master syringe should be stored in the refrigerator upon receiving to maximize shelf life and fruiting capability (3-12 months under refrigeration). All LC is batch tested before shipping out. Shake well before using to ensure even distribution of mycelium in liquid. Master can be expanded to bulk LC utilizing 1-2 ml of liquid or whole syringe for optimum results. Expanded LC should be used in 2-7 days for best results, immediate refrigeration after 2-5 days of dark incubation can extend this window. 

If you are ordering in the summer to the southern US, consider overnight shipping with a cold pack to ensure viability. I can no longer be liable for handling temperatures during shipping during the summer.

environmental parameters: 

LC expansion incubation: 62-72 degrees F (I prefer closer to 62)

Substrate Incubation: 70-72 degrees F

Fruiting: 62-68 degrees F, they can go as low as 50 with just slightly slower growth.

lighting: dark incubation until fully but lightly colonized for 2-5 days, place under lights for 12-24 hours daily for remainder of growing cycle. Early on albino and variegated strains require less light than pigmented strains, a good target is 250-300 lux and can be increased to 900-1500 lux after perithecia begin to form. 

Bare bones LC for Master syringe expansion (mostly any LC recipe is suitable):

6 L water
3/8 cup dextrose
3/8 cup malt extract
1 TBS calcium carbonate

Sediment should be expected, simply agitate regularly when using. An LC recipe with calcium carbonate should not be used with a stir-bar as it will wear out the Teflon coating and grind away at the bottom of the jar.  I simply handshake once a day. 

Substrate recipe:

1000 ml water

5 heaping cups (1000-1200 g) brown rice

1 TBS (9 g) malt extract

1 TBS (9 g) dextrose

1 TBS (9 g) starch

3 TBS (19 g) nutritional yeast

2 tsp (4.6 g) pea or soy protein powder

1/2 tsp (2.4 g) calcium carbonate

optional additions: 

1/4 tsp (1.2 g) calcium sulfate 

1/2 tsp (4 g) kelp meal

The calcium sulfate can be replaced with more calcium carbonate if you are on a budget. You can also skip kelp.

This is the sub recipe I currently use with the instant pot tek from my YouTube video:

If you are prepping your substrate in jars use a ratio of 1:1.6 (grains:broth). A good amount for quart jars would be 35g rice to 56ml of broth sterilized for 60 minutes at 15psi. 

You can also join the Cordyceps cultivation group on Facebook:

Khan Park’s methodologies outlined in the Facebook group “USA Cordyceps” are incredibly efficient for commercial production:

Cordyceps en Español:


Buyer assumes liability for losses, delays, additional fees or returned international shipments. All imports are subject to the discernment of customs. Tracking is provided on UPS courier shipping. Let me know via email if you’d like to order and I can activate shipping to your country.

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